As most of us are amid statewide shutdowns, let’s share a few tips on taking online dance classes Dubai. We are fortunate to such an extent that we have the technology to continue to do the things we love while remaining at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These tips can be utilized whether you have just been taking classes online or if it is new to you. While there are ups and downs to taking a online, the biggest take away is that dancers can adapt and make the best out of a difficult situation.

Space: Preferably, you need to find a large open space in your home. Sometimes, this can be tricky, if you live in an apartment or with others, yet you can be creative with it. May be a front or back yard would work. A living room space can work if you slide furniture far removed. It is also useful if you can find a calm spot where there will be little distraction. If the rest of your family or flat mates are doing their exercises in the living room, it won’t be an ideal spot to take your online dance class. If it is pleasant outside and your WIFI comes to, consider taking the class outside.

Dress: If you look like a dancer, you will feel like a dancer. It can be easy to slack on your dress code while taking classes online. If you typically wear a uniform to your in-studio dance classes, think about wearing that uniform to your online classes. Or then again perhaps have some good times wearing an alternate color leotard you don’t typically will wear to class. Wearing loose sweats and T-shirts doesn’t permit your teacher to see your alignment and give corrections. Hair should in any case be worn safely away from the face. It tends to be an interruption while you are taking a class and can get in the way of executing the steps accurately.

Camera placement: When taking live online classes, try to place your camera so the teacher can see your entire body. While this may not be conceivable in your space, the more the teacher can see you, the more capable they will be to give you corrections.

Attitude: However, if your mind isn’t set to learning online, the experience may not be a good one. Try to think about the positivity of your life, and all that you must be thankful for.

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