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boom burger

Enjoy Urbavore’s Boom Burgers at home!

 Boom Burgers are made in house from scratch using whole food ingredients. Boom Burgers are Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

Boom Burgers are available for purchase at the Lynchburg Community Market on Saturday mornings, and at the Nelson Farmers Market in Wintergreen on Saturdays through October.

Ingredients: white mushroom, green lentil, wheat gluten, ground flaxseed, liquid aminos, sunflower oil, seasonings.

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Allergens : gluten. soy. 




supper club


Supper Club…

Supper Club is a special sit down dinner with full service and a unique menu. Each Supper Club features four courses, dessert, and a special cocktail. The menu is always new and always themed.

Past Supper Clubs have focused on Asian Cuisine, The Jazz Era, and Mushrooms, to note a few.

Supper Club comes along every other month and is limited to twelve diners.

Keep on eye out on social media for the upcoming Supper Club.

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Lynchburg's Vegan Restaurant


Urbavore is a small counter-service restaurant, located in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Urbavore serves whole food, plant-based interpretations of our favorite foods; burgers, sammiches, soups, and Mac + Cheese.




1103 Church St
Lynchburg, VA 24504



Tue-Sa 10a–8p
Su 10a–4p