How to choose the perfect lighting for an event

Lighting is a major aspect of everyone’s life and the circle of life cannot move forward without it. There are different lighting methods which can help you reach the perfect level of lighting with fixtures and luminaries that can function the best in different situations.  Just like sound system rental Dubai which needs to be placed in the right direction, the same way here we have different directions of light in which if fixed they can benefit the most:

  • Direct lighting

As suggested, direct lighting means that majority of the light is focused in one single direction to illuminate a place or an object. This is the most common type of lighting. The problem which people often face with direct lighting is the fact that because it is focused on one single object, it creates glare and shadows but this problem can be solved easily by maintaining the brightness of light and position of fixture.

  • Semi direct lighting

It is almost similar to the direct lighting but the difference lies in the directions which the light will be reflected in. A little more than half of the lighting is in positioned directly on the object or workplace and the remaining one is reflected toward the ceiling or upper portion of the walls. Light and shadows will be again problematic in this kind of lighting but the same as direct lighting, it can be solved easily.

  • General lighting 

This kind of lighting does not divide the room and the place unequally but instead makes sure that half of the light is directed in the lower portion of the room and the other half is reflected high above. This kind of lighting is very pleasing to the eye but not for everyone and maybe this is the reason that it is not used so much.

  • Semi indirect general lighting

Lighting companies in Dubai tell that this kind of lighting is often found in highly furnished places and the reason behind this is that this kind of lighting is mainly focused on the ceiling so that the walls and the roof could reflect it downward in a very beautiful and elegant way making the ambiance highlighted. This makes up for the perfectly relaxed environment for reading or having coffee.

Now that you have all this information at hand, it will be possible for you to choose the perfect lighting options for a range of events.