Almost every woman feels shy and uncomfortable when they visit gynecology clinics in Dubai for the first time. Nobody tells you about their first-time feelings. However, here are important things a first-timer should know before visiting a gynecologist.

The ideal age to see a gynecologist:

Researchers say that young girls between the age of 13 to 15 should see gynecologists for the first time. It is the ideal age to start internal checkups as it helps them to prevent future complications. It also helps to maintain your general health.

Do not feel shy or uncomfortable:

Most women feel awkward, shy, and uncomfortable visiting gynecologists. But to get better results, there is no need to shy about anything. Talk openly to a gynecologist about your internal health issues, as it is essential for your sexual and general health.

Take someone to the clinic with you:

Having the support of someone familiar with gynecologists is a good idea. It gives you the courage and confidence to face doctors. You will get how to explain internal things to the OB/GYN to get a positive result.

Honest is the best policy:

It is one of the most vital things that first-timers should know is to speak the truth always to your gynecologist. Conceal nothing about your sexual life, ovulation period, or menstrual cycle as it is important for your sexual and general health.

Keep you aware of your hygiene:

Cleanliness is crucial for overall health. You cannot compromise on your hygiene. So make sure you are having shaved and wax of your private parts. Gynecologist keeps check and balance of your hygiene; they also give you useful tips for healthy sexual life.

They swore to confidentiality:

Gynecologist has sworn to keep all the secrets of their patients. You can talk about your personal and sexual life to your doctor openly as it bound them to keep your secrets. In case if you are below 18, the OB/GYN will share your information with your guardian.

Irregular menstrual period:

Irregularity of the menstrual cycle can create many health problems. Therefore, if you are experiencing this condition, immediately visit your gynecologist for treatment. Explain everything if you are feeling cramps, painful bleeding, or the duration of the menstrual cycle.

Urinary problems:

If you are experiencing urinary issues, you need to visit a gynecologist for infertility treatment in Dubai.