To become a firefighter is not an easy dream to achieve. You need to follow through the criteria set by your local fire department, the rigorous tests, educational qualifications, medical and physical requirements and ultimately, the interview.

All of these tasks are tough and require your attention; however, there is an infallible method that co-exists with these and that is getting to know the mindset of the firefighter. Think & feel like a firefighter, then you will be able to spontaneously assume the qualities and vocabulary portrayed in the interview situation.

Let’s go through just 5 of the steps closer towards becoming a firefighter:

1. Consciousness of the traits that makes up the firefighter – Interpersonal skills are so imperative in this wonderful career. Everyone do possess qualities like integrity, compassion, active listening, team playing, and positive thinking but this profession requires it in the best possible manner.

2. Interpreting the reality of what being a firefighter is– See and feel the unique lifestyle that revolves around this career. You would build such relationships that you have never had before and there would be challenging and even upsetting situations in front of you. An aiming candidate has to be aware of all the aspects of firefighting life and be willing to address the good and the bad before even considering this as a career.

3. Visit the firehouse- Look, listen and feel for the sounds, sights and smells that surround you, and savor in the information revealed. Many fire houses know the importance of your visit; they will even agree to take you in for a day or night when you can actually experience life amongst the crew and what type of calls and tasks they perform on daily basis. There is a whole routine in a firehouse that includes the maintenance of equipment, the engines, cooking, etc.

4. Information is strength in every sense– When it comes to interview preparation, being ready with all the relevant the information is one essential element, but having the insight into the mindset of the firefighter is the one thing that will set you ahead of the rest.

5. Visualization- When you know the ups and downs of this field, you can think and feel like a firefighter. By visualizing yourself in the role, you are entering a whole new level in the process of becoming a firefighter.

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