Other forms to say plastic surgery – Cosmetic surgery, right? False. False. Doctors that are certified by government do not test to meet the requirements needed for plastic surgeons certified by board.

Brian C. Droplet, MD of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville and colleagues analyzed online information to determine the experience and scope of residency training of 342 certified physicians in a report published in the November edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ®, which studied official medical newspapers. About 10 percent of certification applicants have not even qualified in surgery, according to researchers.

Liposuction (59.6%), abdominoplasty (50.0%), a rise in the breast (49.7%) and an augmentation of buttock (36.5%) were the most common out of the training scope procedures provided.

Many patients have confidence in the knowledge that their surgeon is a ‘board certified’ plastic surgeon when they select an aesthetic surgeon. Many patients falsely believe that all surgeons should be plastically certified in order for cosmetic operations.

Unregulated market expansion, as written by writers, can make selecting a competent cosmetic surgeon challenging for consumers. Inconvenience ads and blatantly misleading advertisement are popular on many broad markets. The board credential is one common way to choose a specialist surgeon, but this difference becomes unclear and patient lines blurred.

A board trained plastic surgeon must have completed an approved plastic surgery training curriculum at least six years of surgical training. They require thousands of different forms of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, stringent written and oral exams, and regular preparation and review throughout their careers.

However, only one year of OPD, 300 procedures and one written oral examination performed over one weekend is required for a government certified with no continuing medical education. If you are planning to get in touch with the best breast surgeon in Dubai, make sure you have the list of certified cosmetic surgery Dubai available. They will give you the best and most reliable services at amazing rates. don’t look behind a cheaper cost as beauty is worth everything in this world. Be beautiful for yourself!