The world of today is quite different from the past. In past, people had time to cook themselves and clean their homes but today’s people have to keep themselves present at three places: home, outside home and social media. That’s the reason why there is so much pressure and stress on us. Now we don’t have time to do everything on our won. Therefore, there is a need of tools and gadgets that can share work with us. These helpers are the outcome of technology and then AI.

AI is the short form of artificial intelligence. As the term says, it is the creation of man like mind or intelligence by using artificial methods like machines and computer coding. Google Assistant, Alexa and Sophia are the most common examples of AI.

Currently, the technology and computer geeks are making immense effort to prove themselves in the newly created world and field of AI. They have been crafting new designs and hiring programmer lovers to use machine language and current formats and styles to turn an idea into a new gadget that can mimic human intelligence to assist them in their life chores like helping them in making meals, sending already built-in messages to their loved ones and colleagues or assisting them in managing time for office work and other things.

Therefore, the computer science students are given lectures on machine learning, data science, robotics and other subjects to build their grip in AI. Many of the teachers give them assignments to give them platform to apply what they have learnt in schools of computer science and AI in Dubai. Such projects and assignments enhance their skills and build their theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of AI that make them more employable or give them ability to establish their startup.

Unlike last decade and past centuries, we are living in age of digitization that demand us to equip ourselves with technology and gadgets. The more we are able to use them, the more we can be present on three platforms and manage our lives and brand ourselves better. Life is not about meeting the basic needs, it is about branding. You can brand yourself better by using technology and AI devices as you don’t need to dedicate your time to it. All you need to do is to tell the device or Google assistant what they have to do. There are many hologram companies in Dubai that are working on promoting AI and technology in UAE.