Quartz is inherently tougher than granite or marble and is now available for homeowners as one of the most durable countertop products in the industry. The 93 percent quartz surfaces of Cambria® countertop are made of quartz stone, plus quartz is natural to stain proof and maintenance free — no polish or screening needed. Cambria’s uniquely nature means that each counter-top uses only raw quartz content of the highest quality, which is also why the counter-top branded is so common and sought after.

The Cambrian artisans take their jobs seriously and every countertop is tested carefully in many points to ensure the best quality items. Their counter-tops are NSF International approved, which ensures that the quartz surfaces of Cambria are hygienic and safe for food processing like stainless steel. Cambria also has GREENGUARDTM’s certification as a low emission indoor air quality commodity and independent tests have shown that it doesn’t have any toxic emissions.

You may ask what about the cuisine architecture and the style now that you know that Cambria manufactures quartz compartments with the highest degree of hygiene and longevity. If you are pleased by the credentials of this product so far, simply wait for all the concept choices! And because each natural quartz piece is unique, the same can be said for each Cambrian countertop. You will make sure your kitchen is really one-of-a-kind with a Cambria quartz German kitchen.

Since Cambria is a leading counter top maker, the Cambrian counter tops are not available at broad box stores or at home shows. Cambria is licensed to sell only the finest kitchen remodeling firms to homeowners so that you can get the best service. Below are some of the common colors and designs for homeowners built in Cambria quartz like you!

Various kinds of Cambria countertops give a classier and variant look to your kitchens. It depends on you or your interior designer to choose the right one. All of them are best in quality and maintains a classy look for the kitchens. You can get in touch with the best designers in Dubai to know the most appropriate choice based on your modern kitchen architecture.