Several years back UAE or more specifically Dubai experienced the first phase of economic transformation which resulted in today’s full fledged revolution. During this whole transformation Mammut construction industry came up to meet the future demands of this state. They knew that something big will be demanded by future UAE and they started working on strong strategies to fulfil all those demands. It not only played a major role in construction but it also focused on transportation as well. They ensured steady growth within the company and became the largest manufacturer in the Middle East. People start recognizing Mammut as the largest supplier of modular houses, trailers and portable cabins.

Behzad Ferdows is the current CEO of Mammut Industry UAE and is playing a major role in boosting up the company’s success in the transportation as well as construction market. Behzad Daniel Ferdows is now becoming one of the most popular names in manufacturing business. Following are some main services which are being provided by Mammut industry so let’s get started.


If we talk about trailers then Mammut is able to offer the best services even in the form of customized specifications which could meet all the international standards simultaneously. The manufacturing of trailers is done by the most professional and highly skilled workers with the help of the latest tech machines. Several kind of trailers are being manufactured by Mammut like tipper trailer, tanker trailer, refrigerated trailer, curtain side trailer, flat bed and low bed trailers etc.

Portable cabins

We all know that portable cabins are in high demand nowadays because it offers a flexible accommodation solution which is needed for a short time period. For this purpose Mammut industry is the best option to go with as it offers the best quality of portable cabins. It is estimated that Mammut manufactures around 5000 portable cabins per year. The workers involved in this process are highly qualified who know all the technical aspects to come up with the best product.

Modular houses

Well, when it comes to civil construction then again Mammut is among the top supporters in construction business because they offer various services like manufacturing of prefabricated panels which reduces the overall headache of the construction companies. Similarly Mammut also manufactures modular houses which is again a huge benefit. We all know that modular houses are becoming quite popular due to their wide range of advantages and Mammut is playing great role in this sector.