Wedding will come to the life of a person once and they will dream about it for years and they have to plan about it. Planning will be very important in order to make your wedding memorable. You have to plan about the dresses you will wear and the dresses of your bridesmaid’s too. There is no such rule that you have to get a certain number of bridesmaids in your wedding but you can decide according to the availability of your girl cousins and friends who are willing to be there with you as your bridesmaids. To get the idea about it you can go to different wedding dress shops in Dubai and there you will get a lot of ideas about it. You need to see the following before you decide about your dresses:

Colors: You need to select the colors of your dress and the colors of your bridesmaids. There are a lot of colors from which you can choose. Mainly brides will select the white or different shades of white as their wedding gown if you are choosing the same then you have to get some dark and sharper colors for your bridesmaids because in this way they will look amazing when you all will stand together in pictures. You have to take the flowers of the colors of your bridesmaids dress and it will look amazing.

Design: When you are going to select the design of the dress then it is not compulsory that you all get the same design and style. When you get different styles then you will be look more elegant and beautiful. You have to first select the dress style which is best suitable on you and then decide about the design and style of the bridesmaids’ dresses because you have to look different and more attractive than anyone else because it will be your big day so you have to be in the limelight. You can also opt for Dubai wedding dress rental.

When you are having your wedding on the round of the year then you have to lose some weight too in order to look best in your wedding dress because most of the dress styles for brides will be suited best on the slimmer girls but it is not compulsory to lose weight when you consider yourself as in the best height and weight for gown.