Getting in the list of top food photography Dubai artist is no n easy thing, you need a lot of hard work and creativity to be there in the list and after you get your spot in that then it will be in your hands to set your prices and get the clients according to your choice. In the start you have to work for every client no matter how small or big it is because you need to build some good client base and reputation and also you need money to survive and get new gadgets for improving your photography skills. After getting recognized as one of the best food photographers you can then get the liberty of choosing what you like. When you are at that position then you have to set your service price according to the following things:

You have to first get to know about your expertise and compare them with your other competitors and you will get to know that how much more expertise you have and what kind of work you are doing and what they are doing. Your expertise will be the best thing that will determine your higher price.

Next thing is that you have to see that what kind of competition you have in this market and for that you need to be up to date with all the work going on the in the food photography field. You have to keep your eye on the work of other people but never try to copy then instead you have to make your own identity so that people will recognize you by your work only.

Next thing is that you have to see that what kind of food is there which is presented to you for photography. If the food is something very expensive then you can charge more for that but if the food is not that much expensive then you have to adjust your prices accordingly. Food type matters and also you need to see that you are promoting a certain kind of food or the entire restaurant though that dish and then you have to take pictures accordingly. When a restaurant will hire you for different food items then you will not have to charge them separately but they will give you an overall budget so accept accordingly.